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Jeanette had trouble falling asleep that night. How quickly things could change. This morning she was single, a bit depressed and was Simon still in good condition. Now it was evening and Simon had a terrible accident that nearly ended had ended his life, but she was now together with him and she never felt happier.
She sat up and let her eyes scan the room. A few weeks after the Chipettes had moved in with Dave, he had made sure that this room, formerly used as a storage room for junk, was soon transformed into the Chipettes' personal room. She knew she wasn't alone in the room, but never had she felt more alone, knowing that Simon wasn't in the same house as her. She sighed.

"Can't sleep, sis?" She heard Eleanor asking from the bunk above.

"No." Jeanette said.

A few seconds later, Eleanor's had popped down and she swung herself on Jeanette's bed. "I wouldn't be able to sleep too if something had happened to the boy I loved." She gave her sister a meaningful look.

Jeanette felt her cheeks burning up again. "W-why would you think that?"

"It's pretty obvious." Brittany's voice said. A second later she had climbed down and sat next to Jeanette. "Yay, girl talk."

Eleanor rolled her eyes with a smile. "We all knew you loved him, even if you didn't know it yourself." She said.

"Then why didn't I knew it?" Jeanette asked. "Why did he nearly had to die before I realized this?"

"Sometimes that's what it takes to realize this." Brittany said, putting an arm around Jeanette. "And not only for you. After what happened to Simon, I stopped lying to myself and admitted to myself I love Alvin."

Jeanette's eyes went big. Off course she knew Brittany had a huge crush on Alvin, just like Eleanor had a crush on Theodore. "Wait, if I love Simon and Brittany loves Alvin, doesn't that mean you are in love with Theo?" Jeanette asked Eleanor.

Eleanor smiled. "Yep, and I knew it longer than today." She said.

"Oh yeah?" Brittany asked. "Since when?"

Now Eleanor became a bit fluttered. "Ahem, since eh …six months?"

"Wait." Brittany said. "You were in love with him while we were still with Ian? Before or after he betrayed us?"

"Before." Eleanor confessed. "That day I helped miss Ortega with 'Toys for Toddlers'. Theodore was there to help and… well you know the rest of the story."

"So when are you going to tell him?" Brittany asked teasingly.

"That's the best part." Eleanor smirked. "He knows. We became a couple a month ago."

Jeanette quickly put her hand on Brittany's because she nearly had yelled Eleanor's last three words out loud. "Thank you Jeanette." Brittany said after Jeanette had silenced her. "A month ago? Why didn't you tell us?"

"Well, you always wanted to have a boyfriend before any of us." Jeanette said. "Maybe Eleanor thought you would freak."

"Off course I'm freaked." Brittany said, yet smiling. "I'm the last one who has to tell her crush that she's in love with him. How am I going to break this to Alvin?"

"You just did." A voice said from behind the door. The Chipettes hadn't noticed that the door was a bit open. Alvin came in. He was just as uncomfortable as Brittany was now.

"Alvin! Wow. I mean …Hi" Brittany rambled, clearly startled. "Did you …have you…do you…?

"I just went to the kitchen to drink something, when I heard you talking. Alvin said. He smiled. "Want to go for a walk, Miss Brittany Chipettes?"

Brittany stared at Alvin for a few second, than smiled brightly. "I certainly want, Mr. Alvin Seville. As long it is a short walk, because I need my beauty sleep." She jumped of the bed and walked over to Alvin. She hooked her arm into his' and waved to her sisters. "See you in a bit, guys." Then she left with Alvin.

Jeanette and Eleanor stared at the door for a few seconds and then started to giggle. A few minutes later, Eleanor went back to her bunk above Jeanette's. For five minutes, you could hear nothing but the sighs of girls in love.

"Now we all three have boyfriends." Jeanette said to her sister above her.

"I know." Eleanor said. "I nearly can't believe it."

"You're the one to talk, El." Jeanette said. "You had a boyfriend a month before any of us."

"I know, but I still can't believe I'm so lucky with a guy like Theo." Eleanor said. "He's is just a cutie."

"I think the three of us are real lucky with our boyfriends." Jeanette said.

"And they are lucky with us." Brittany said, who just had entered the room. She was twirling and walking like she just entered a dream.

"Where's your boyfriend?" Eleanor teased.

"It was a short walk, like I asked." Brittany said. "We walked, talked and eventually had our first kiss."

The three sisters giggled, but Jeanette soon felt sad again. HER boyfriend was still in the hospital, while she was having fun with her sisters.

Brittany, who still was dream dancing, noticed this. "Don't worry about Simon, Jean." She said, walking to their bunk and climbing to the top. "He's tougher than he looks."

"I know." Jeanette sighed. "But I can't stop worry about him."

"That proves how much you love him." Eleanor said from her bunk.

"How much I love him." Jeanette repeated in a whisper. "Goodnight, girls."

"Goodnight." Eleanor and Brittany said in unison

Simon got a visit from his brothers the next day after school. Dave had dropped them off and had left to pick up something.The girls were at school to help for the goodbye Party. Alvin and Theodore had explained the situation to their hospitalized brother.

"So, basically, we all have girlfriends now?" Simon asked, while Theodore tried to feed him grapes. "Theo, I still have one good arm."

"You need your rest." Theodore said. "And yes, we have."

"I think it's great, having girlfriends." Alvin said. "You know, I've flirted with girls before. Human girls that is, but since I met Brittany …" He sighed.

"But I still find hard to believe is that Theo got a girlfriend a month before us." Simon said, yet smiling proudly at his youngest brother.

"You know, I always thought that I would be the first to have a girlfriend." Alvin said. "I'm actually proud of you, Theo."

"It's not that big a deal." Theodore said. "It just …happened."

"Well, It 'just' happened with you. I almost had to die and Alvin just learned of it by coincidence." Simon said.

"you can call all those things 'coincidence'" Alvin said. "Or fate."

"That deep, even for you." Brittany said, entering the room. "Hey Alvin. Theodore. Simon, how are you today?"

Alvin smiled brightly. "Hey, Britt."

"Hey, Brittany." Theodore said.

Simon waved. "Hey, Britt. I'm doing fine." He said. "Is eh, Jeanette with you?"

"Nope, it's just me." Brittany said. "Jeanette and Eleanor are still at school, helping with the preparation for the Goodbye Party tomorrow. Dr. Rubin has asked if you guys would help too."

"Off course they will." Dave said.

"Hey, Dave." Simon said. "Is Brittany the thing you went to pick up?"

"No, I went to pick this up." Dave said, presenting Simon with a new pair of glasses. "I think you will see more clear with these."

Simon put the new glasses on and blinked a few times while his eyes adjusted to the clear vision. "Aah, much better." Simon said. He saw that everyone got ready to leave. "Brittany, Say Jeanette 'hi' from me."

Brittany waved with a smile and left with the other.

"We'll visit you later tonight." He heard Alvin yelling, before getting shushed by Dave for yelling in a hospital.
"Faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!" Jeanette said at Dave, who was driving to the hospital. "Visiting hours are almost over."

"Now, Jeanette, We're almost there and we still have an hour and a half before visiting hours are over." Dave said.

"Like I said." Jeanette said. "We don't have much time."

Dave rolled his eyes. Girls in love. He would never understand them, even if they are chipmunks.

"Will you take a chill pill, Jean." Alvin said in the back seat. "Simon's going nowhere for several week, not until he's has healed enough to be back home."

Jeanette sighed. She knew Alvin was right. It would take several weeks for Simon to heal, but until Simon would be back home and she didn't had to obey those stupid visiting hour rule, she wanted to spent as much time as she could with him in the hospital.

"Maybe this will set your mind on something else." Dave said. "I got a call from that company that makes our 'Alvin & the Chipmunks'-Merchandise."

"Will they finally make a 'Brittany make up doll?" Brittany asked hopeful. Eleanor rolled her eyes."

"Nope." Dave said. "They had heard about Simon's accident, like many others, and decided they want to throw us a gift."

"Gifts?" Theodore, who really likes gifts, asked. "Like what."

"Well, they've figured that you guys sometimes have trouble with handeling …normal sized equipment." Dave said. "Like books, toys or even holding a pen."

"We're Chipmunks, Dave." Alvin said. "We have trouble handling ALL 'normal sized equipment."

"That's right. So the company decided to work together with some other businesses and make some stuff that are …Chipmunk-sized."

"Ooh, like that company that made those clothes for us?" Brittany asked.

"Yep, they called me this afternoon and told me that they are producing products for you guys this very moment and that a first set of new stuff will be delivered tomorrow."

"That fast?" Eleanor asked.

"Well, since the things they are building aren't that big, they don't have to spent much time manufacturing it." Dave said, driving into the parking of the hospital.

"What do they ask in return?" Jeanette asked, already jumping to get out of the car and get to Simon.

"That's the best part." Dave said, parking the car. "They don't ask money. The only thing they want are signed copies of the new CD's and a private concert at the Family Pick nick next month."

"Deal!" the five Chipmunks in the car said.

Dave smiled as they went out of the car. The five Chipmunks ran directly to the entrance of the hospital and went straight to wing where Simon's room was. They stopped when they heard commotion in the hall where his room was. They heard doctors yelling, equipment moving.
Jeanette's stomach turned when she saw that all that was happening …in Simon's room. A nurse ran towards the Chipmunks.

"You'll have to stay back and let the doctors do their work." The nurse said firm, yet with concern in her eyes.

"W-what's happening?" Dave, who just arrived, asked. "Is Simon alright?"

"He was a few minutes ago." The nurse said. "But then …he stopped breathing."

Jeanette nearly fainted, if it wasn't for Eleanor who kept her on her feet. "Don't say he is …"

Alvin lost his temper. "Let me through! Let me through!" He yelled. Dave grabbed him by the tail and held him. "I must see my brother! Let me go! SIMON!."

"Sir, I must ask you to keep calm." A doctor said. "We're doing the best we …"

Alvin didn't want to hear it. He kept squirming in Dave hand. Suddenly the commotion in in Simon's room quieted down. The doctors in the room weren't running anymore and the nurses took a sigh of relief. A doctor from the room, who had seen the commotion Alvin was making, came to the family. He showed an exhausted, yet satisfied impression.

"He's going to be okay." The doctor said. "He had a bad reaction to some mediaction."

"But what happened." Jeanette asked.

"Our medication is for humans." The doctor said. "Not chipmunks."

"What does that mean?" Theodore asked.

"I'm almost sorry to say this, but …" the doctor began. "We have to call in a vet. Those people have the education to work with animals."

"Look out who you call an animal!" Alvin yelled.

"Al, he is right." Brittany said, immediately calming Alvin down. "We might be able to talk, sing and act like humans, but we're still animals."

"That's right, Alvin." Dave said. "A vet is the best thing Simon can have as a doctor."

"We called the best one there is." The doctor said. "This man treats all the pets of famous people and animals who have performed in movies."

"But we're no pets." Alvin said, slightly offended.

"That you aren't." The doctor said. "If I may say so, it's an honor to be able to treat one of you guys here, but we aren't qualified."

"Thank you doctor." Theodore said. "For taking care for our brother."

The doctor smiled. "Oh and one more thing. I called the company that makes our equipment and they are making a special wheelchair and crutches for Simon."

"Again, thank you." Dave said.

Half an hour later, when the doctors were sure that Simon was alright, Dave and the others could enter Simon's Room. Jeanette quickly jumped on the bed and hugged her boyfriend. She was all tears when she saw him.

"Ribs, ribs, ribs." Simon said painfully, nevertheless hugging Jeanette.

"Sorry." Jeanette whispered. "I was just so scared."

"So was I" Simon said, stroking Jeanette's cheek. "But I'm alright now."
Part two of my first Alvin and the chipmunks Fanfic.
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OMG you scared the crap out of me I thought we lost Simon for a second there! Can't wait to read the next chapter! I hope he gets better really soon! :D
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